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Helping You Persuade

This project is for people that want to use persuasive messages for their business, without appearing manipulative. On the surface, persuasion is the central theme to what the client gets. Beneath the service, lies marketing solutions that're custom made for each client. 

Services begin with a call that determine what they client is doing, and where they'd like to go. This sets up what the measurements are for the delieverables.

Measurements will consist of

  • Subscribers.
  • Conversion rates on sales pages.
  • Webinar attendees / post webinar conversions
  • Clients
  • Number of students in a class
  • More TBA

Here's what can be changed

  • The perception of the company from the clients / prospects perspective
  • The copy and messaging used throughout the client's website, materials, and scripts.
  • The unique selling positioning that will encompass the "reason why" they sell their product or service.
  • New products or services based on customer research - what can be given to the customer? What are they in need of?
  • More TBA

What promise are we going to make?

  • The promise of finding out and creating the core messaging that'll be used to communicate with the client's market

What’s the hard part?

  • The back and forth process of asking questions, researching the answers, and time spent consuming the related materials to completely immerse my company into the client's process. 

Should your organization be making trends or following trends?

  • Trends are important, but so is action. Trends will be paid attention to, but the ultimate decision is based on two things: results and what they people want.

Where is the risk?

  • For me: The risk lies in spending too much time on a project for too low of a rate.
  • For them: Paying too much money and not getting the desired results.

Who is in charge?

  • The people that fuel this whole process: the customers.
  • I'm in charge of advising, researching, and creating the materials that improve the customer and client relationship.
  • The client is in charge of delivering. 

Marketers spend money. Where are you spending the money? What is it for?

  • On this Skillshare class!
  • On other classes, books, conferences, etc.
  • On required materials for networking and working
  • On software 
  • On advertising
  • All spending is for growing the company

How should we be spending our time?

  • Planning out offers in advance
  • Getting them ready
  • Searching for people that can help grow the company.


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