Helping Men to Be the men they (really) want to be

New update 22 sept 14:

course is on on No need feedback at the moment, i build the course. Yeah!

Update: now my work is on

So glad I did this course with Seth Godin and the help of everyone. Thanks!


below the project at begining...

Our world is transforming, evolving, as we all do. New ways of thinking emerge. What was considered successful before (making as much money as possible, having 1.3kids, working in order to have nice holidays, a nicer car and finally when we ll be retired, great, we can finally do what we want) is no longer considered the truth. Well, at least with many people. 

The thing is: we haven t engrained a substitute to this paradigm yet. Or not many of us. And it s especially true for men, I believe. 

Part of this successful life is to follow our passion. Another part is to follow our talents. Another one is to contribute to something bigger than us. Then and only then we can feel inside of us truly successful. 

Because we give to ourselves first, because we give to our friends, families, and to the world. 

My talent, is to do coaching. My passion has always been to challenge myself, I was an ATP tennis pro before, I ve assisted teenagers to follow their pro career, and also men and women to have a happier life. Something that restore joy, meaning, satisfaction, no matter how we want to call it. 

And I'm now in a place to expand, and help more than 1 man at the time. I m at a place to be seen, and heard, and share the message above in as many ways as possible. 

Getting a clear and fun strategy is what I m looking for, and I believe this course and the interactions with other students will help us to develop our businesses and create ultimately more of what we want on this planet. 

With love, thanks in advance for all the sharings and feedbacks,


Where you can see my project of e-course for men (please note that as for today the motivational video there is not the one that will ultimately be there, I m creating it at the moment!)

The idea for the moment is to gather email addresses, then share insights about what this ecourse is going to be. I start from scratch basically, need to create an email database of interesting men.

People can also come from my new website:

Let s see what we got from this and let s start this course now! Yeah.


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