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Sadelle Wiltshire

Meditative Art, Celtic Art, Line Art



Helpful things I've learned from this class

Awesome class, and thanks for the suggestion to play with the categories for our classes.  I was hugely surprised to see my Celtic Knots Made Super Simple #3 class had made #4 on the Trending Fine Arts Classes under Creative,  Also did well for Drawing searches. 

I learned:

• More about categories and tags,  
• NOTES!!!  who knew?
• That I was doing a good thing making a series, and that maybe I should go back and NUMBER     the classes as at the moment there IS a learning order to them. 
• More about why it's good to interact with others on Skillshare and how system emails and notifications work.  

Thanks a bunch Neil!  It would be great if there were a syllabus of sorts for the class so can know which tip to go back to review  when I need it. 



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