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Amanda Young

Graphic Designer



Help Feed Hope | Fight Hunger

I work for Bay Area Food Bank, which is a member of Feeding America. We service 24 counties in Alabama, Mississippi, and along the Panhandle of Florida. I used the techinques in this class to help me create a two color t-shirt design for the food bank. 

What really helped me the most in this class was learning how to use textures and hand elements to create a cohesive design. I've experimented with hand lettering before but I feel this has been one of my more solid outcomes.

Step 1. I initalize drew up a rough concept of what I wanted the main message to be. I used our branding colors, but felt the green was too stark and that the image felt too contained. 

Step 2. I elimated the green color and brought the lettering out of the frame so it would not feel so contained. I also used the techinques discribed to create a drop shadow and added some more visual elements. 

Step 3: I experimented with some texture. I used the stamp pad idea to create distress. I also removed the solid block and added more hand drawn elements. 

Final Step: We felt that the message needed to be more elaborate so I added some lettering. I also liked the charger look that was starting to form so I extended that out with flourishes. 


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