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Hellooo Future Me.

I wake up in a place where I once traveled to and fell in love. A place where I had no doubt in my mind that this is where I want to build my life and advance my career. I have a lake or ocean near me where the mountains lay in distance- it is here that I walk out onto my dock to sit peacefully on my hammock with my soulmate watching our world pass us by. It is here that I experience beautiful summers, leafy autumns, and cozy winters. The land I have will house horses that roam freely, along with beautiful wild and plant life. I will work where I LOVE! (lululemon, of course.) I wake up each day awaiting the new possibilities that my job presents me with, tying each to a new innovation I can’t wait to develop, design, and present. My time is spent between my family, travel, and my career; and I will maintain a healthy balance of various types of exercise, including yoga and CrossFit. The health and well-being of my family are the core of my values, commitments, and motivation to be even better. Each day I am able to comfortably provide for my family and maintain a balanced life with them by my side. I live my life alongside the values and core beliefs of lululemon. My culture will coincide with the valuable lessons I continue to learn, allowing myself to influence and guide others while bettering myself, my soulmate, and my family as a whole.


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