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Hello, my name is Cloris!

* This project is a work in progress, but I thought I'd post my progress pictures for feedback! *

I never liked lettering my name because 1) I don't like the way scripted C's look and 2) I don't have fun ascenders/descenders to play around with.

Buuut I decided to challenge myself.

This is the idea I decided to go with:


I thought it'd be more balanced I added two tails on both sides.

I'm using Procreate because I just got an iPad this week and wanted to get extra practice. I've seen people do some awesome lettering layouts in Procreate!


This is my final version with color, for now:


Things I'm considering for the next iteration:

  • I might turn those little tail things (is there a name for them?) into fish, because my zodiac sign is Pisces. That would make it more interesting and give it a theme.
  • Add some elements/texture to the background so it's less flat.
  • Smooth out the lines and change the colors to match my final theme.


Right after I posted my project, I thought about the Pisces zodiac theme and got really excited about it, so I redid the lettering.

Here's my (almost) final with the theme implemented, but I have a few more things I want to change for my final final.


Things to change for my FINAL final:

  • Make the pisces sign more prominent
  • Make the petal shapes more consistent
  • Decrease the thickness of the stars and sparkles (competing with the lettering)
  • Fix the scales on the fish

Aaand, here's my final! I learned a lot about Procreate through this project! 


Let me know what you think! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)



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