Hello, just a introduction video for my youtube channel

Hello, just a introduction video for my youtube channel - student project

Hello! Thanks for the class!!


Here is the final project at youtube: https://youtu.be/lfZP1NO6zm4


I decided to make a 1 minute video just introducing myself, so I could use at the 'Channel trailer for people who haven't subscribed' for my youtube.


~~ I don't think my theme is trend, it's just me and I'm not famous haha ~~


I don't have much knowledge with motion graphics or video making, so I decided to make something simple.



- 2 tripods

- 1 smartphone

- 1 iPad

- A black curtain (that I should've ironed hahaha)

- 1 really cheap lapel microphone (that I got at amazon store for like 10 euros >.> not the best)

- Procreate for iPad to create some drawing animations

- Shotcut software, which is free to use

- Youtube audio library, which is also free to use

- Make up, because I love purple lips haha

- Script (which I tapped at my tripod, so I could kind of read it >.>)



- I filmed during the day to get a bright light to my face

- I used 2 angles, close shot (iPad) and I guess a medium shot (smartphone)

- I forgot to take pictures of the process... >.> so here is an illustrative image:


Hello, just a introduction video for my youtube channel - image 1 - student project



- Planning, preparing and writing the script: 2 hours

- Filming: 7 minutes (because I made a lot of mistakes, I had to shot a lot of times the same line)
- Editing: 5 hours, a lot of work sincronizing, cutting and making the animations.

- Final video: 1 minute and 8 seconds, because my opening+ending has 8 seconds and I forgot to consider... not a problem, because I did it for youtube, but I think for tiktok it should be exactly 1 minute.

- The natural day light is the best.

- I was nervous, but I had fun, it's never easy to get your face out there!!!


And that's it, Thanks! Bye!