Hello hygge

Hello hygge - student project

Hello hygge - image 1 - student projectHello hygge - image 2 - student projectHello hygge - image 3 - student projectHello hygge - image 4 - student projectHi I’m Autumn from Michigan and I’m changing my art direction! I have a small Etsy shop where I make hand painted teapots and mugs(mostly nerdy based) and although that’s fun I’ve been feeling for a while now that it’s not what I really wanted to do. This class has helped me so much in ways it probably didn’t intend to. I have multiple chronic illnesses and after having to drop out of college due to my health I’ve found myself in a “I can’t “ mindset without really realizing it and I just had this in my head that I can’t be a “real” artist because of my health and  limitations. But Brooke said something that really stuck with me in class 3 how if there isn’t a way that suits you you can invent that way and that life is to short to not do the things you love. It got me really thinking that maybe I CAN do this but just in my own unique way. I’ve realised I really want to do this, I want to see my designs on products, on fabric, in people’s Homes! I want to work with my dream companies! And maybe my health is a little tricky sometimes and maybe my path will look a little different but no one ever said you can’t take the elevator instead of the stairs to get to the top floor! So now that I’ve masivally over shared my life on the internet I Guess I’ll say where I am business wise haha! I’m basically at the “I know how to make the art stage” but I’m struggling with the how to get it on to products and work with businesses stage. Some questions I have( and I’ll try ask during the live) is how much art and pieces should you have before you reach out to a company? And should you approach them with certain pieces already made for them or like just general pieces that fit them not specifically for them?(if that made a lick of sense) Also I’d love to know more on creating an online portfolio. I Guess just call me spongebob cause I’m trying to soak up all the information 

I guess what I’m trying to achieve with my art business is independent for myself and happiness for others with my art!

I would say one thing that makes me unique is my chronic illness, it’s hard but it’s a part of me! And as far as my art maybe my whimsical cute style!

If I had the chance for a 1 on 1 consultation I would to get help with maybe fine tuning my direction. I know where I want to go(surface pattern designer/ art on products) but I don’t exactly know how to get there.