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Annie Mathews

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Hello hello!

For this project I used the cardboard backing from an old writing pad. I deliberately chose a cheap surface so I could relax and not worry about making a great piece of art.

I wanted to run fast and wild with the colours (hence the lurid neon pink or "opera rose" as the tube described it). Before I laid down the acrylic I put a couple of layers of gesso on the card and then pencilled in the letters.I didn't spend a lot of time on the letters as I was too eager to get started on the painted layers.

As you'll see I painted a lot of layers and I liked it when the previous colour popped out. I think I kept my paint layers more washy than Jeff did - I was just happy to experiment.

I decided to throw caution to the wind and slap down some pink - it had a thin consistency so it took a couple of layers to build up the pigment.

At this stage I have tried the pink for the letters then I have a go at putting it down as a background. I'm not quite sure where this is going in terms of the final colours, but for now I'm happy to see what the colour combinations look like.

As the letters are now quite pale (I used Titan Buff) I needed a darker background so went for eyeball straining orange mixed with a bit of opera rose.

I've got so many layers now the painting is gaining a bit of height! Here are a few close ups in a mini montage.

I had another round of painting the letters and background and this is where I've got to. I'm not quite loving the green letters, although I like the other colours peeking out from the edges. I think I'll leave this project for now and start another one later on. 

I really enjoyed Jeff's class and it gave me an great excuse to have a play around with colours. Cheers!


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