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Hello from Dnepropetrovsk, postcard

Hi everyone! Few months ago I moved from Kiev to Dnepropetrovsk (it's somewhere in Ukraine). Once I wanted to send parents a nice card from my new town, but I didn't find anything good. So I wanna do it by myself.

First of all I made a sketch of my new card. And now I want to vectorize it.

1. My first step is scan and take a photo of my sketch:

2. Second step is digitaly prepare my scan/photo in Photoshop. Now I can see that my airplane looks not so perfect as on the paper ;)

3. Step 3 is vectorizing of prepared picture. It was not very hard but I have CS6 :) 

The only thing that I didn't understand is why when I select whole word at the time with selection tool and unite it, it turns white. But when I select word by selecting each letter separetly, everything is ok.

Then I found a lot of white objects in my layer (I definitly set the check box «Ignore White box» when tracing). I don't know if it's right or wrong, so I just delete them all.

4. I already got a vector of my letters, but I'll practise to make a precise vectors anyway :) 

5. On step 5 I want to say thank you to Sean for this great class. It was very helpful and interesting for me. Thanks to my classmates for their comments and works, they are very inspiring.


6. Of course I'll make a few more edits on this card, but my class is finished. If you want to receive a printed version of this card (for free, of course), you can send me you address in facebook message.

I will be glad to send you real Hello from Dnepropetrovsk ;)


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