Yulya Vladson




Hello from 90's)

It have been the most impotrant movie/books and cartoon until my 7 years:


Maybe I'll do something like this for my present interesting, but now I want to write about past)

In my country was time when we change communist regime to capitalism, so my shildhood is mix of USSR people mentality ("our cartoon better", "read only local books" etc) and first things from Western (comics, Disney etc).

1 - Thumbelina. I like illustration of this book edition, but specially from this project I finally get to know about illustator) His name is Boris Dechtyaryov.

2 - oh... I loved to papercutting in childhood. I don't know about other contries, but we did dolls' house from notebooks and drown more clothes. Maybe try papercutting again?

3 - TMNT is special cartoon for me. Mom gave me a hand clock she wanted I have learned about time and didn't ask her about "when cartoon start?"

4 - My mom was very busy. She worked about 10-12 hours. Sometimes she had gone to work in 7 am and come back around 12 pm - 2-3 am. But on the weekend we always saw Xena or Sinbad. It was time that I had seen mom)

5 - Oh... I hate this cartoon in childhood! Because we don't have Disney or chindren chennel and this cartoon often repeared on TV. But now I see it and I think I repaet shape and proportion in my drawing

6 - It's first Disney cartoon that I saw)

7 - And this is one and only cartoon which made in USSR and I like

8 - I had a lot of books in childhood. Most of them made in USSR and come to me from parents' childhood. but I like that parents present book to me - all new books become my favourite.

Thank for class, Crisitine! It's hard work for me, but useful :)



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