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Hello Watercolour World

I was very interested to learn how to vectorize all kinds of art, but watercolor specifically I figured could never be done. How wrong I was!

For painting the watercolor source, I set up my work area and only sketched letter skeletons of a generic gothic-ish alphabet using a 2H pencil. I then mostly erased it, leaving a ghost skeleton. I watercoloured a freehand design on top of these ghost letters.

Color technique - started with leftover palette orange to get the basic shape. Wet-on-wet added in orange mixed with a bit of red to darken it. Let it dry, glazed orange overtop to equalize out a color imbalance (ran out of palette orange after the N and there was no way of remixing it!), then used the Lifting Off technique to add in highlights using a small stiff (cheap) angled brush.

Scanned at 300dpi because I wanted to get that watercolor paper effect in the final vectors.


As you can see, they ended up in the final product!

Did my best in Photoshop to bleach out the background by adjusting the levels and brightness/contrast - ended up having to spend a few extra minutes in Illustrator removing the background vectors, but no biggie. Saving my scan as a PDF, making adjustments in Photoshop and reloading in Illustrator is an easy and hastlefree pipeline.

Grouping the art was a cakewalk!

I find a handy tip is to make a background layer of a drastically different colour so that you can easily see any lingering white-ish vectors. You can see there's one in the E and a few around the H.


Here's a quick export back in Photoshop with a bit of color adjustment to reduce the saturation.

I'm amazed by how easy this was, and look forward to using this technique in my future projects!


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