Hello There!

Hello There

Post from the Hobo Pack

This project will be a set of 12 postcards with my original artwork on them.  I was debating between a box or a cloth bag that would end up looking like an old feed sack or hobo sack.  I thought the bag would be an unusual and quirky idea for postcards and because normally stationary is in a box.  I would put tagboard or cardboard in the bag for stablity.  I especially love this idea because I want the feel of the postcards and the packaging to be 1930's depression era inspired by hobos and train hoppers.  I've always loved this era.  I really like all of the sides I can work with on a box and the options it gives me though so I'm still deciding.

Ok, so here are some of my notes and brainstorms for this project. 

And of course copyright Info:

I am definately going to use the cloth bag idea for packaging.  The more I play around with it the more I like it.  I will be doing a large label for the front and then a much smaller design detail on the back of the bags.  

Here are My moodboards and notes ( I have a few more items than just 10)

Here are my quick reference sketches of the inspiration.  I'm not super excited about them but they are what they are.  I had fits with my scanner and I quickly realized that sketching with pen is not my thing.  I do miss the colors though.

Here are the thumbnails I came up with.  I really like how they came together.  Most of them captured the style I was going for.  I really wanted to meld the train elements with the vintage lettering styles. 

So after taking this class I finally decided to dive in to Mark Kate's class on digitizing handlettering.  You can find out how I worked out to my final design there.  Here are some pictures of the process and my "almost" finished product.

There are just a few colors that I now want to change, but overall I really like the look!


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