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Hello There Part Two

Hi Everyone!

This project is an extention of the project I am completing in Mary Kate's Vintage Handlettering Class.  It's going to be a label for a set of postcards that I will sell in my Etsy Shop.  This is my original sketch and my first inking


I ended up having to reink several times.  Finally I brought it into Illustrator and digitized it then enlarged the image and printed it out so I could reink on a larger scale.  I also did the word "there" seperately because of the overlap.  It ended up being much easier to manipulate the colors.  Here is the final inking.

Here are some pictures from my initial mood board so you can see what colors I had in mind.

I had a hard time choosing colors at first because of my laptop screen.  So I printed a sheet with what I called a "color brainstorm."  This let me see how the colors would print and gave me a better idea of what they actually looked like.

These are my final color palettes:

Here are the colors after playing with the live traced image.  I'm excited to put texture on one of them.

I kept the colors very simple because most of my inspiration had simple, even monochromatic, color schemes.  I like the focus to be on the text.  I actually did attempt to do full color on the illustraion but I didn't like the cartoony effect it was creating and it drew too much attention from the titles.

Texture was alot of fun but as I worked with the textures I realized that some of the colors werent working.  So I changed color throughout this process.  Usually it was just subtle things but once in a while changed major parts like border.


I ended up having to work with each color scheme instead of just one.  As I was figuring out the label I was also working on the product which the label is for and when I finalized the product I realized the original color scheme I wanted to go with, warm reds, yellows, and oranges wasn't going to look good with the product.  So I ended up really working with the blues and creams.

I loved creating the textures.  I don't have a light table so I used mainly tracing paper so I could see my design underneath.  This changed some of the textures a bit but overall I was happy with the way most of them turned out.


After really working with the textures came the hardest part for me.  These labels are meant to go on little muslin bags using transfers.  I didn't realize how much the color of the bag would effect the color of the label so this is what I came up with initialy.  I love the way the texture of the bag comes through but There are several colors that I now need to change.

The colors end up being not as crisp as on paper and the top and bottom banners need to be light like the border.  Although overall I love how it is turning out!  Below is a picture of the finished bag with the 3 poscard designs before I made the final changes.


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