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Hello Spring! (Spring Pattern Challenge)


Participating in my first Challenge, yeah! So for the "spring" theme, I am taking inspiration from my past and present. Flowers have played an important role in ushering in spring for my entire life. Growing up in the hills of West Virginia, I have many vivid memories of my Mom and Maw-maw's pale yellow daffodil's always blooming in early spring, the dogwood trees covered in blooms when the rest of the trees were still bare. Then the little wild violets would spring up - I loved to collect bouquets of them from our yard, before my Dad had gone out for the first mowing of the season. :)

Here in my home now, my first precious sign of spring is my beautiful Japanese cherry tree. It's directly in front of my two large living room windows, so I can throw open the curtains and take in the masses of pale pink blossoms. It also attracts a horde of bees - I love sitting quietly under the tree, and just listening to the loud hummm of the busy worker bees. :) Then come the bradford pears - pretty, but unfortunately kind of stinky. But that's okay, because soon after comes my favorite - my viburnum bush. It's smell is absolutely heavenly. As soon as I step outside my front door, the perfume overwhelms me and brings a smile to my face. 

Then of course, there's the return of the birds. Then yesterday morning, I was drinking my coffee, and was startled by the chorus of cheeping and chirping in my back yard. It's a wonderful time of year, feeling like slowly but surely life is returning. 

Oh, and I made a mood board, too. ;) which I deleted... and  I will fix it later! 


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