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Judy Sorenson




Hello Postcard


We just moved into a new house in a new state (from Oregon to Washington) and after taking this class I thought it would be fun to make a greeting card to take to the new neighbors that said "Hello". So here is the process I went throught:

Initial thumbnails of ideas:


I chose the top middle one to pursue, and after a few tweaks did a rough illustrator outline:


I continued tweaking shapes until I felt it was where I wanted it, and then I stepped back and looked at it again. It looked so...clinical. Very digital, as Martina mentioned...and that didn't appeal to me. I did want to keep it very minimal, classic, and simple, so I decided to keep the simple black and white colors, but I distressed it a bit and added a border:


Now we were getting somewhere! Still, it felt like a poorly printed xerox or something, so I thought maybe an inverse would help that:


This made the distress pop a lot more, which I liked. Finally, I decided to add some shading to the letters and make the card a square shape, just to make the design more unique:


The border didn't work really on the square, so I dropped it. I hope you like the final card!

Thanks for viewing my project! Feel free to leave me feedback in the comments...I am always open to constructive criticism to improve my process! 


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