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Hello Muse


After finishing the first Sketchbook Magic class project I immediately started watching the videos of course II, but the it took me a day or two to decide which material and technique I wanted to focus on. I had a few in mind, but some would be difficult to do on the weekends when I am staying at my boyfriends flat. So reviewing my first Sketchbook Magic project I decided to do the ball pen and charcoal mixture I had found interesting.

Day 1

The magic bowl said "hometown" so I tried to squeeze some of the characteristic buildings and places of Munich on the small paper: The river Isar, the most important chuch, the roof of the olympic stadion.


Day 2 Topic: Vacations

Exploring more of charcoal and ball pen. This time it was so hard to get the ball pen drawing on the paper although it was the exact same paper as the times before. It is not the best paper, more recycling than anything, but I like the color to do white charcoal on it. But when the ball pen goes on to refuse the paper I have to think of something else. Eventually I will move to a bigger format as well but keeping it small just feels right at the moment.


Day 3

I still feel like being in sketchbook Magic I. This time the magic bowl said "inspiring words" which was a hard one for me. Where to find any words? How to write them? I'm always fascinated when people can do calligraphy but I never really tried to learn it myself.

So here are just two simply written words.


While reworking it in GIMP for the internet I played a bit with the colors. I think it also looks good but very different.


Day 4

Although I enjoyed this charcoal technique I wanted to draw outside for today and so I grabbed my "trecking" watercolor set. This is a historical style school building in my quarters I always felt would be nice to draw. I love nature, but I also love to draw buildings, because I have to look closer to get the proportions right

Normally I sketch a scene first and then color it. But this time I only had watercolor, so it evolved to be a real watercolor painting with the free white spaces and lots of light and air. It fits to the building and I am surprised I made a picture like that because I always thought I couldn't do proper watercolor.


Day 5

Actually this is day 2 with watercolors. This picture was drawn in the dark to avoid mosquitos entering the flat. I was quite surprised at how colorful it turned out.


And I was reviewing some old sketchings - these I liked very much. They are some sketches from drawing the Vjing on a local music festival. I should do this style more often.




Day 6

Went to the park to draw some trees and a magical old house. But I don't think this would already count as an artists date since I do this on a regular basis with my boyfriend (1-3 times a month).





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