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Hello Morning: Everyday quotes <b>**UPDATE(Jan 18th)**<b>

Jan 6th, 2016

I love the idea of having a phrase or a quote of the day to keep you motivated. I'm excited to embark on this journey of brush letttering.

Here's what I've done so far. I mainly used SAI pens I got from Japan because for some reason I can't find out where to buy Tombow brush lettering pens.


Jan 7th, 2016

I started practicing the alphabet with different pens. I really like the colour and the effect that the SAI pens give but, a lot of my letters are still a bit wobbly. I totally reccommend using the Tombow black bude (ふで) pens. These types of pens are easily found in any stationary shop in Japan as people use them for school and stuff like that.  I found out from a friend that the grey pens are only used for funerals. 

Take note that there are two Tombow pens I used. One is labelled しっかり meaning "stiff" and しなやか meaning "flexible" so the pen tip is super soft. I found that the stiffer one was a lot easier to use, especially for a beginner like me. 




Jan 7th, 2016

Practiced a bit more with lettering today, and tried to write an inspiring quote.

I like taking up every inch of the page to 1 not waste paper and 2 play around with different compositions.


Jan 11th , 2016

I took 4 of my favourite fonts to try and practice writing with. I wrote out all the letters of alphabet in each lettering style including numbers. After, I tried playing around with writing a few phrases to pracice connecting the letters. 

My absolute favourite font though was the "Milton One Regular" Font, which is the one with all the flourishes. 

For the pens that I used I switched around between the Tombow shikari fudepen, the SAI pen in black and an old  double way (black/grey) fudepen from the brand Sailor. "Fudepen" just means brush pen in Japanese.  If you're ever interested in buying Japanese brushpens feel free to leave a comment and I'll try and help where I can. 

I think my problem letters were all the M's, N's, E's and a few others. I found it really really hard opening up my strokes as I naturally wanted to draw all the lines close together. For example, when drawing a lowercase "e" I kept drawing it without the hole to show that's it's an e and not something else. 

it's a little difficult to explain haha.. 




13th Jan 2016

I was really bad today and bought another pen! It's a Pentel SFWs4A, I think it's new version as it said "new" in Japanese in the store. 

Here's a photo. It also has an interesting ribbed effect on the pen tip. It's definitely a felt/sponge tip and not bristles. Sorry it's so hard describing pens so I included a photo. I also draw a lot at night so the photo quality is a bit awful, sorry!

(also ¥324 = just under $ 3 USD)



I also wanted to have one more try at writing the alphabet. I got a little frusted at the previous brush styles I tried as it was really hard drawing those fine lines with all those swirls and flourishes. So I opted for a rougher looking style. 




The above lettering was drawn using the Pentel brush I just mentioned. The ink quality is good but didn't think it was really that special in the end. The grey and blue lettering were drawn with a SAI pens.

Jan 14th, 2016

This is the final 2 words I tried to write for the "Let's Write Words!" assignment.

I scanned my images in first and cleaned up the lines a little bit on photoshop.



Jan 18th, 2016

I'm going to round off the project here. I just wanted to express how grateful I am for this class and how I was able to discover a new love for brush lettering. In all honesty, in the beginning I thought brush lettering was going to be really easy but in reality, it's hard! It does require hours and hours of practice and repetition, and experimenting with different tools and writing styles. 


I can only hope that my progress only gets better from here. I hope you've enjoyed taking a little peak into my project and that I've inspired you even a little bit for you to make your own artwork.

I chose this phrase "have faith" because, during those times when you're having a crappy week or even year I can look up at this phrase from my desk as see a little encouragement on my wall. Have faith to try new things, dream big, don't give up or give into discouragement and always do your best and trust in Him!




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