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Hello Africa!

Hey, I'm Dane and I hail from the costal city of Durban, South Africa. I've been into iPhoneography for just over a year and am really loving it! When I saw Cubby Graham's class I saw it as a great opportunity to meet fellow iPhoneographers from around the world and share our work together.

I shoot on an iPhone 4s and edit mainly in Snapseed and VSCOCam. I love the community aspect of Instagram and how it has enabled so manly like minded people to connect and share snaps of their daily musings and experiences.

I look forward to hearing from you guys about my project and hopefully catch you on Instagram too.

You can find me at @dane_forman



This was a shot taken from outside a friends place. I must have driven past this tree a hundred times and never noticed it. I saw this during sunset and just had to stop. I straightened and cropped the image and gave it some contrast, ambiance and saturation changes in Snapseed.

Hello Average!

I do love shooting the occassional pic with AvgCamPro. This was taken at a local beach in Umhlanga, Durban at around 5am. My brother and I headed out early to catch the sunrise but the sun never showed so we decided to shoot some moody Average shots instead. I edited the image through Snapseed and then added the T1 filter in VSCOCam at 60%


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