Hello #100DaysOfProcreate

Hello #100DaysOfProcreate - student project

So I got my iPad and Apple Pencil on Thanksgiving and kept thinking I would push out work like a pro on it soon, except procreate can be super hard to get a hang with. The first time I watched this class, I took some notes but kept thinking about how much I would even use it. Enter #36daysoftype and the #100daysproject and I decided to use this as an opportunity to get better on my illustrating skills.

Post 5 days in the challenge when I took this class again, that's when I truly figured how useful this class is for me. Brooke's got a million tips and tricks hidden which can really help you out, especially if you're a beginner. Would 100% recommend it to anyone and everyone who is trying to get a hang of the software! Here is some of my work:

Hello #100DaysOfProcreate - image 1 - student project


Hello #100DaysOfProcreate - image 2 - student project

Hello #100DaysOfProcreate - image 3 - student project


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Krittika Mittal
Graphic Designer