Lynn Fay

Digital Designer




I am happy to say I completed this project last night. Here it is:

Early Drafts:



I chose the to animate "Hello!" as a reminder to myself to say hello more often. I chose to animate letter by letter this time but I hope to try out the other styles in future animations.

It took me 10 frames. 


These were my supplies, good old crayola markers and a scratch pad. The scratch pad was super helpful because I am terrible at cutting straight lines.


Here is the final product!


This is one of my first animations so I'm quite happy with how this turned out. Next time I'll work a bit more on the lighting and background and also making the animation a bit smoother / less jumpy. Thanks so much for the lovely class, I learned a lot of new techniques that I was unaware of before. I loved creating this and hope to create more in the future.


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