For my logo I got inspired by the naming contest for the new Flint OHL hockey franchise.  I made the logo a cougar with it intended to go with the name, the Flint Fury, but about halfway through I found out that there's already a semi-pro football team in Flint that goes by the same name.  Having already had a solid build of the logo I decided to keep going but change the monkier to the Hellcats. Here's my logo from sources to finished work.  I may go back later to swap in some different colors more fitting of the Hellcat name. Hope you all enjoy it!

Source Pictures (side and front):


Several revisions of line work later:

Final colored:

Holy crap you made it all the way to the end!  Good on you, buddy!  Thank you so much viewing my project, and much thanks to Fraser Davidson for allowing us insights into his process.


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