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Hela Outreach Strategy

Hela Medical Spa

Realizing I may be taking a bit of a different angle on this project than those who are actually looking for employment, here's what I've been able to accomplish through applying ideas presented here in addition to pre-existing others to help develop, strengthen & focus my current leads & biz dev approach plan. Also, not sure I'm sharing this in the right location as I don't see others here. Hopefully this is ok :)

Overview of 5 contacts I pursued and strategy to maintain & develop those relationships to reach goals.

  1. Lawfirm HR Benefit Director - participated in an event where this person was present/ overseeing facilitation. Made a point to interact with her casually at several points thanking her for inviting us, and exchanged info. Verbal agreement for personal meeting in future. Need to send follow-up email/ call to set up. Also would like to invite her & one other of her colleagues (next in line for her job) to the spa. My goal is to build an ongoing relationship with the huge firm she runs to acquire them as a client group in the vein of corporate wellness perks.
  2. Health Fair Coordinator - This person was my contact to get in touch/ invited to lawfirm benefit event. After phone & email interaction leading up to event, I figured out that there are regular events such as these going on and that this particular coordinator is very very well connected on circles connected to our field, as well as with large firms nationwide who are natural clients for us. Made a point to have brief friendly, repeated interaction with her & express thanks for invitation and interest in future events. Will send follow-up email & look on her group's website for upcoming events. I'll use future events to establish direct connections with the HR coordinators at each firm/ organization.
  3. Embassy CC Director - re-building a relationship from a historic one our two organzations had years ago, but long-gone-cold before my tenure. Added value by helping with an event they put on in a small way, & was thereby able to attend & access large pool of PNCs in their cirlces and make friends/ gain exposure, as well as get invited to be a member of the group in the future.
  4. Ambassador's Wife - Through the Embassy CC Director, I was able to get some of the benefit of what I had the company help out with the event directly benefit the ambassador's wife, which gave me an opportunity (since I also got invited to the event) to chat with her and express my happiness in her interacting with our product. Perhaps I can continue building that relationship to get her to be a regular client & advocate in her circles. I'll probably try to interact for awhile in the context of this existing group, and slowly build personal relationship.
  5. Former Reality Show Cast Member Blogger - also re-building new iteration of historic relationship. Interactions here have mainly been on twitter & getting one of our staff service providers to reach out and make this connection for a few appointments & SM shout-outs. Opportunity to do more with this person's philanthropic org & exchanging services for online promotion through their channels, but need to build personal relationship & guard cost metrics for services. Need to prime my warm connection to open the door for this more so we can think about building those potential parts of this relationship.

I would totally hire me for this role - meaning I'd build the relationship with myself if I was them. I was proactive, non-invasive, added value, presented product well in speech & substance. If they don't respond, it may be due to:

  • Potential competition with other similar companies they could go with in some cases.
  • Distraction, they're busy & have other things to do vs. this being my priority.

Seems those can be relatively effectively counter-acted with consistent, but not annoying follow-up, and looking for more value-adds. I think I'm winning here because of warm connections and presenting well, and in a proactive, helpful time frame & manner for them.


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