Hela Medical Spa Marketing

Hela Medical Spa Marketing - student project

MILESTONE THREE - v2 of hela's marketing strategy given what I've learned.

Hela Medical Spa

  • Historically, hela's customer base has been driven by word of mouth & regular emails from spa & individual service providers. I'd like to promote channels like online giftcard sales & referral discounts that stay a bit streamlined with that, especially in light of the type of product we offer. 
  • Consistent promotions/ events (about 1 per month) that target new groups, that also gives avenues for existing clients to participate.
  • Participate in external events to raise brand exposure in appropriate way & get new email subscriptions that can be tracked for conversions - developing offsite massage arm of business.
  • Potentially adding acupuncture & eyelash extensions as a new services.
  • Calculate LTV & get more data on CPA. 
  • Watch retention rates more closely & reward staff who have best retention rates with preference for booking new clients.
  • Limited test ad budgets in various channels for each event. (Trying a post-election VIP PNC mailing for target new DC-frequenter demographic.)
  • Expand channels that produce best ROI.
  • Consistent fresh activity online through website, fb & twitter & external local blogs.
  • Update & improve website content to help keep SEO rankings on top.
  • Educating & building consensus & buy-in among existing & new staff.
Kaitlynn Hendricks

Business Developer & Freelance Writer