Hej Hej Montréal

Hej Hej Montréal - student project

When I flew back to Canada last summer, I'm pretty convinced that amid the many things I accidentally forgot in Europe, there was my heart that's still lost somewhere there, hidden between the past and the future. I say this in all due respect to my home land, of course.

I've recently given in to embarking on the long yet interesting journey of learning a new language and eventually immersing myself. Among the many learning initiatives I have, I've tagged my everyday household objects with its Danish word.

This thirty second vignette represents a small part of my journey into learning a new language, a new culture and possibly an entire new life.

Hej Hej Montréal - image 1 - student project

The video in short will depict a girl doing her everyday morning routine and the viewer will catch clear glimpses for the danish tags on the objects she comes in contact with.

Details I'm thinking of including:

-End shot of a flight ticket to denmark

-The girl checks her e-mail the goes on the StudyinDenmark.dk site although the emphasis will be more on the fact that the girl is checking her computer as part of the routine

-There'll be a travel backpack in the corner of the room

-Maybe a suitcase in the reflection of the mirror

So far I have only some flashes of what I want but I need to work on the main outline still.

Hej Hej Montréal - image 2 - student project

Hej Hej Montréal - image 3 - student project

(Just noticed my puppy is in the reflection of the drawer haha)

Thank you for reading!

Melissa Woo
Main gal for the ShinySht Decoden adventure