Heil to the shirt!

Well guys, my name is Alex Schenkel and I am a sophomore Graphic Design and Art student at Mount Vernon Nazarene University in Mount Vernon, Ohio. I really wanted to take this course to learn more about T-shirt design and learn how to design great shirts. I am planning on taking an independent study in silk screen printing next semester, so I think this class will be very beneficial! I have been really interested in progaganda posters lately and I thought that would make a pretty sweet design for a Johnny Cupcakes shirt. So my goal through this class is to make an effective shirt that uses the Johnny Cupcake brand well and uses the overall design feel of a propaganda poster. I also want to use this class to start building up a portofolio to further my future goals as a designer and artist.

Sketch 1.

Sketch 2.

Sketch 3. 

Sketches based on these posters. 


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