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"Hee-Haw! My first project in lettering-Everyone Needs A Possee..."

Hello! I would like to say - I have enjoyed this class so much ! Thanks Mary Kate, I have learned so much....even though, I have described this work as pure joy and some agony. I really want to be good at this, so I guess thats why the "drama' lol! I am not an artist, but love chalkboards and lettering- and I am a pretty good amateur on some days! Having said all this-here is my project evolution!  Choosing the quote was one of the hardest parts. I am a quote junkie- so I did three other projects (beginning stages only) before I went with "Everyone Needs A Possee". I finally chose it because MK said pick something personal. It is my original quote because I am a mentor for a group of young moms at my church- and it is my mantra! (But it is true for most of us I think!) And as Jack Johnson reminds me-"we're better when we're together..." . I wrote down all words that came to mind and looked at google images for imagery. I kept looking at a vintage bandana and used the 3-pronged design in the background. My original idea for application was a book cover (which I may write some day) but finally decided on making the original quote into a poster... I wanted the word POSSEE to have a nice drop shadow-but that is an area I need to work on. I am anxious to start a new project!  I Hope someone reads this and I will be ready to accept the critque. Here are some of my "process" pics as well. Suzy Mulligan


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