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Hedgehogs & Coffee


When I moved in with my fiancé two years ago, we purchased our first pet together
a hedgehog named Marley.


He was a grumpy little thing but we loved him to death. Marley was our prickly little child and gave us lots of adorable and funny stories. 

Unfortunately, he passed away about a month ago and we're still a bit devastated by it. But we know he was well-loved by not only us but our friends too and that's a comfort at least. 


In rememberance of this little guy, he'll be the subject of my four images as well as my favorite beverage: coffee.

The four emotions I will explore are rage, despair, euphoric, and content. I like the idea of experiencing a range of intense emotion, then wrapping it up with a softer one –as if the chaos was thriving to achieve peace all along.

My goal is to have a narrative of sorts; create an illustrative story about a hedgehog and his experiences with coffee (whether he likes it, hates it, or is indifferent towards it).


It's pretty late at night right now, so unfortunately all I have for the moment is a word list. Feel free to laugh at the thought process my brain spewed out onto this page. 

I will cover ideas for the scenes of my narrative next. 


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