Hedgehog | Skillshare Projects

Jovana A

Design student




Hi guys and hi George, thanks for amazing class! :)

I decided to create hedgehog mark, so here's the process (well, part of it):

1) Inspiration


As you may notice later on, I haven't traced any particular image, but instead used these as inspiration

(I don't know about you, but I find grumpy headgehog adorable!)

2) Sketches


I made some sketches and here is the one I chose + variations (Original sketch is in top right corner, variations are made using semi transparent sheet of paper over that one in order to keep outline as similar as possible and then edit out the inside bits)

3) Vectorized + colored


While vectorizing it in Illustrator, I changed few bits. On sketches the headgehog is more of an fox head, so I made the overall shape fuller/more round. Headgehogs are lighter, but I think this design looks better with darker colors.

There are quite a few things that need to be fixed, but I thought I'd show what I've got for now. I might update this post in few days with more put toghether version :)


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