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Hedgehog Pirate

My name is Candice Hartsough McDonald and I'm a freelance illustrator in Indianapolis. I've done a few children's books, and about 1 billion private family portraits. Check out my work here: www.cordialkitten.com.

I signed up for this class to learn some Illustrator skills. I know NOTHING about Illustrator, except that it's been installed on my computer for years and I rarely open it. Let's change that. 

I've been drawing a lot of hedgehogs for a client, so I will use him for this. As a pirate. 

Inspiration board: 


Here's my first sketch. He's kind of boring. 

Getting more interesting. Peg leg!

Starting to play a little more with his body shape. I love his guy. 

 I don't normally draw such a goofy guy, but I like how it feels. 

She's fierce.

4 and 5 are my favorites. What do you think? 


Here are my outlines.

I'm not sure I entirely know what I'm doing, but I'm proud that I didn't get too frustrated with the pen tool. I've tried this before years ago and wanted to pull my hair out.


I didn't think I'd be able to remember all these steps, so I tested myself. Here's a new outline: 

I think I did this one a lot better. 


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