Hedgehog Heaven

Hedgehog Heaven - student project

I was just starting out with a hedgehog idea when I found this class. After watching the class and seeing the related designs and patterns, I went through this process:

I drew all the hedgehogs and chose one of the palettes. It's not one I'd choose-- I like blues and greens, but... looking for "trends," which our teacher, Cat, provided. Then the process of drawing the different patterns/designs.

1. hedgehog antics -- lots of hedgehogs in berries and leaves and beetles

2. hedgehogs in the hedge-- fewer hedgehogs; lots of "hedge"

3. just the "hedge"-- leaves and hearts

4. abstract hedgehog -- arch and spines with leaves and hearts

5. large design of abstract

6. abstract/leaves with a background for a square pattern

7. try different background colors

I have a difficult time matching background colors with this, but here are two: light and dark. 

I'm thinking of a pattern with the abstract hedgehogs and a couple hedgehogs.  

This was a very helpful class filled with things I didn't know. Thank you.

Hedgehog Heaven - image 1 - student project

Hedgehog Heaven - image 2 - student project

Sheri Edwards
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