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Heavenly Truffles

I'm designing a label for a box of hand made pecan honey truffles. I want to use some ornate flourishes and make the package a little luxurious, like a specialty box of chocolates. I'd also like to have some detailed drawings of a honey bee and maybe a pecan nut. 

These are a recipe I made and tweaked a little so that they have the flavour of chocolate chip cookie dough, even though the ingredients are healthy and nutritious.

The product is a delicious treat which is for people who are interested in eating food for health and wellbeing. So along with the indulgent side of eating a truffle there is also an aspect of nature, natural whole foods, and health and wellness that I want to communicate in the design.

This is not an actual product, I'm wanting to learn a little about packaging design

Mood board

I've put together my mood board in Pinterest. I've included some examples of fonts and flourishes that I would like to use as reference material for my drawings.

I like the idea of using gold for a feminine, high quality and luxury feel. 

Thumbnail sketches

I've been working on a circluar design which will fit on top of a square box for the truffles.

I've been adding flourishes, and a honey bee and a pecan drawing to the sketches and I want to use a feminine curvy script font rather than a stronger serif. 

Chosen thumbnail

I've chosen the top drawing to move forward with. I like the look of the flourishes creating the circle shape around the main title 'Heavenly Truffles'.

Refining the sketch

I've made a start on drawing one of the thumbnails in the required size and drawing out the fonts and flourishes. I'll need to work on the bee in more detail too.

Final sketch before Ink

Inked sketch


I've been using my scanner and the image trace function to play around with some of the parts of my drawing in Illustrator. I've used the pen tool for the bottom swirls along with the width tool to change the line width so that it looks more hand drawn and a little imperfect.

Close to final design

I've reworked the lettering in the middle. I'm not that practiced in hand lettering so I used a font in illustrator to layout a style that worked better with my overall design and then I drew what was on the screen onto my pad of paper. I then scanned it in and finished my design. I've played around with some photos of products by superimposing my design onto the label to see how it looks. I realised I wanted to use a little square card that opens up, like a greeting card. It will have a hole punched in the corner where I can loop the string through.


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