Heavenly Kreatures

Heavenly Kreatures - student project

1) One Sentence Pitch

Heavenly Kreatures is an indie clothing brand for dogs that empowers young urbanites to dress their pups in latest styles from creative Californian, New York and English designers.

2) Email to Erica 

Subject: Story Idea

Hi Erica,

Reading your blog posts about President Barak Obama's choice of a portuguese water dog for Malia and Natasha and the video post of french bulldog Fuku I thought I'd share with you this indie doggie apparel brand named Heavenly Kreatures. 

There are quite a few brands of pet apparel that all seem to look the same. If you googled doggie t shirts you would see what I mean.

I'm creating a distinctive apparel brand for pets not to be confused with styles and brands sold in small box retailers. 

Heavenly Kreatures works with with young creative designers from California, New York and England to bring original creative ideas to pet wear.

What makes Heavenly Kreatures so great? Illustrations are inspired by past and present design. Fabrics are 100% cotton. Everything is made in the USA sweat shop free. 

This February will be the launch of an entirely new line of limited release prints.

I'd love to talk to you some more about Heavenly Kreatures and how cute french bulldogs are if you have the time.

If you have any questions contact me here  dan@heavenlykreatures.com

Thank you,



3) List of Assets


Heavenly Kreatures - image 1 - student project

Website landing page www.heavenlykreatures.com

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