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Christopher Palacios

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Heavenly Donuts.









Heavenly Donuts is a block away from my home in the Woodland Park District better known as the area of Mall 205/Gateway in Portland, Oregon.  There is a shopping Mall with Target, Home Depot, Big lots nearby. Fred Meyer and Winco are within a block distance. The area is nicknamed Gatweay due to it's proximity to Gateway Transit Center operated by Trimet– Portland's phenomenal public transportation system. Centrally located at the intersection(s) of 102nd and Glisan (pronounced Gleeson) Heavenly Donuts is a hub for commuters on thier way to the train station or those getting on the highway just two blocks south. The nieghborhood donut shop is busy serving the residents of the neighborhood as well those on their way to more central areas of Portland. The neighborhood is cosidered transitional and has seen several loft-style aparment buildings constructed in a effort to serve the community as community development area. It is an up and coming neighborhood that is bringing new jobs as well as the aforementioned improvements. 

Atmosphere & Economics: Quality

Heavenly Donuts embodies a mom and pop shop atmosphere. Elderly locals use the counter to read the newspaper while sipping coffee from a paper cup. Nope, no slip on coffee cozy will be found here. If your looking for starbucks and 4 dollar pastries there are two locations each 2 blocks away. The highest price item is a apple fritter. The owners are of Mexican-American decent and most employees speak fluet spanish as well as english. Stand out items are thier cream filled puff pastry, jelly filled and last but not least donut holes. Donut holes are specialty item here and are only made fresh every other day. If they run out you'll have to come back another day. The donut holes are moist as well as crispy and are not at all bready. Great with coffee. It's friendly casual atmosphere. Snobby folks might scoff at the diversity of the clientele but the neighborhood is niether white, black, brown or asian. It's a wonderful mix of high and low. 

My waistline will attest that these donuts are high quality and if located in one of the more boutique-y high class areas would bring in 3 dollars a donut and 2 bucks for coffee. You can get both at Heavenly for 2 bucks and some change.

Heavenly Donuts is open 24 hours and was closed Christmas and New Year's but open for Easter. I love this place and am honored to be undertaking a logotype for them as a community service. They are not hurting for business but could use brand refresh and bit of sophistication. A new brand will not diminish the fact that a fresh coat of paint inside and out would benefit the look and feel of the site. I would reccomend a mural in the spirit of Mexican folk art on the side of the building.







Sketch. Ideation. Creative direction.

  • use circular motif found from Heavenly Donuts East coast (not affiliated)
  • decorative folksy but sophisticated details
  • typography is modern but with an urban edge
  • think decorative glaze
  • pattern
  • get rid of the clouds on current brand
  • tag lines or call outs should be creative, urban, street-wise and edgey. Sexy. Humour. Cheeky.
  • Fun
  • Spirited
  • Approachable
  • not boutique
  • think high qaulity food cart











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