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Heather Joy's Pattern Portfolio

Hello! I’m Heather Joy Leane and this is my portfolio so far, concluding the two Surface Pattern Design classes taken with Bonnie Christine. See my first pattern and follow-up collection. I am a graphic artist and illustrator with a special interest in book design. Learning pattern design has opened up a whole new world for me and I’m keen to see where creating patterns can take me.

My portfolio’s inspiration was remembering a flower press I had some years back (originally a vintage tie press). The combination look of a wooden cover (with wing nut screws on the modern ones) with the layers of cardboard and blotting paper I felt could be replicated; as if my floral patterns represented pressed flowers.


I also remembered learning how to give a carved look for text on a wood image in photoshop, and found another tutorial to step me through, so I could use one of my patterns. It was somewhat a process of trial and error as I had to thicken some of the pattern’s finer lines in order for it to stand out.


Final cover image:


I ended up doing two versions of the cover, one for the proposed handmade version, one for the digital. It could be a useful technique for embossing text on a pattern or any other texture too.

I found two artists who offered free texture images for the cardboard and blotting paper look. Thanks to: ymntlestock and bunnydict-stock.




Here is the link to my digital portfolio and I hope to be able to make my actual portfolio soon, complete with real wingnuts, adding more pages as I get to design further patterns. Thanks again, Bonnie for the wonderful instruction and support, and to my fellow pattern designers, who have greatly inspired me.

Handmade Portfolio - September 15th

This was quite a challenge, ensuring the beautifully printed cover sheets were stuck as carefully as possible to the book board with the double-sided adhesive paper. At one point I completely destroyed the front printout (see below) and had to contact my printer for a reprint. Breathe... and continue!


My theory is to be able to add more pages in time, and simply add longer screws. I'm not sure about making these en masse though! I think the fabric covers look more do-able, but at least I got there in the end! I even salvaged the slightly ding-ed corners when dropping the book while engineering a hold before drilling. Some judicious hand-painting!


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