Heathens - student project

Plot: In 1670s New England, two women are forced into exile from their Puritanical town after accusations of witchcraft and homosexuality and must help a community of fellow exiles who are under threat from a sadistic and lecherous witch hunter.

Story: Emily Hester and Caitlin Rose must work together to survive when they are both exiled from a oppressive Puritan community.

Summary: The setting is 1670s New England. The town is Hangman's Foot. Emily Hester is a shy young woman who tries to make a living for herself, but is often in conflict with the town's elders and its dictatorial preacher, Reverend Rose. She is soon accused of witchcraft and sentenced to burned to death. As this is happened, the Reverend's daughter, Caitlin, is having an affair with a young maiden, only for her affair to be exposed. Rose sends his daughter into the woods, but she returns to the town in an attempt to save her lover from being burnt. She fails, but does succeed in saving Emily and the two run into the woods together. Now, the two are forced to fend for themselves in a treacherous world as Reverend Rose hires Nigel Green, a notorious witch hunter to track down and kill Emily (and Caitlin too, if necessary).

Basically, my idea is something akin to The Crucible if it were made by Clive Barker.

Danny Quinn
Part-time filmmaker. Part-time reviewer.