Hearty Breakfast

Hearty Breakfast - student project

Great Class! I followed along using Affinity Designer so if you’re thinking "but I don’t have illustrator" don’t worry - you can easily complete this project.

I didn't sketch (slap wrists) I just went straight in there and started creating my Hearty Breakfast" - and this is the story...

My Inspiration

When I was a wee lass many moons ago, I spent Saturday mornings with my Grandma who would take me to the local market and buy “A Quarter Of Heart”, cooked. sliced and ready to eat.

Placing a fancy doily under my plate, she proceeded to make me a sandwich out of said sliced cooked heart (out of which animal - I will never know) and Warbie's thick sliced white bread with loads of butter - and even though I didn’t enjoy it and never looked forward to this weekly tradition,  I remember her saying “eat it up - it’s good for you”.

I am now a vegetarian.

Hearty Breakfast - image 1 - student project