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Megan Carroll

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Hearth- a loaded word...

The Theme of my next project and what I will be basing my collection on is Hearth. I love words that have mulitple meanings and this is one such word. Within this word you find, Heart, Earth, Art. The Hearth is where a family gathers, it is the heart of the home, it is the place that warms you and nourishes you, it is a place of passion and creation. It is often the focus of a home, where meals are made stories are told and ideas are cultivated. It is where we feel a deep connection to the earth and the world around us with the food we cook and the cultures they are influnced by.

I have Come to realize that this project is not going to be completed before the deadline... I had another very important deadline- illustrated related to so yay me, but it comsumed all of my time... During off hours and downtime i spent time thinking about the word Hearth, my all over theme and how big that word was. I settled on a couple main ideas for my project... Kitchen- the center/Hearth and Heart of my home and Earth that provides nurishment for my family and I. It is those ideas I am working on.

When thinking about the Hearth I kept coming back to cooking and warming the home with the heat of the stove and then I thought what is it about that that inspires me? It is a meal, it is pot of tea and a cup of coffee, it is the conversation and the ritual that they inspire and that is where the Heart Comes from. So a simple Tea and Coffee service is the idea I am presently working on. 




Hopefully I can work on these and build them into the next portfolio class!


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