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Heart of the Customer - Customer Experience Consulting

I will help companies improve their customer experience in multiple ways through such offerings as:

  • Journey mapping
  • Selecting measurements that matter
  • Leading customer research
  • Coaching

The assets I will need are a computer, printer, website/blog, and a brand. The human resources I need will primarily be myself, although I will bring on additional researchers as needed.

My customers will primarily be B2B and B2B2C companies.

The part that will be hard is sales – finding the customers. The other tough part will be in consistently good writing, to get people to want to follow my blog.  I will develop a unique journey mapping system, the outline of which I will give away. This will be branded “The Heart of the Customer Journey Mapping Process.” This will involve a repeatable process to uncover my customers’ hypotheses, validate them with their customers, and build action against the results.


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