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Joel Turner

Designer and Web Developer



Heart of Egypt

I started with a simple phrase for the ancient world. 

I played around with some of the ideas with each word. I liked the idea of the heartbeat for the heart and the pyramid/ancient aspect of Egypt. I was having a hard time integrating the two until the shape of the pyramid looked a little like an upside down heart which sparked the chosen concept.

Here are the sketches that led to the final. 


Here is the penned version.


Moving to Illustrator

I loved learning about the difference between using the pen tool and the Image Trace method. I chose the pen tool since these letters are very simple.

I changed a few elements while I was in Illustrator such as:

  • Lowered the crossbar of the letter A
  • Moved the O and F closer together
  • Balanced the heartbeats as if they were coming out from the center

Here is the tracing process




Onto Photoshop

I chose an image of the Great Pyramids to help show the ancient feel. The color is to help mimic older expedition photos. 



Finished project



I loved this project. It was fun to see the process the whole way through from Nicolas. This is a great workflow that will be nice to implement in future projects.


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