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Heart beat for coffee

For this project I want to create a simple yet strong design. I just found out that a new Challenge was just around the corner: Coffee Day, express your love for coffee. So I start with pretty simple sketches, such as:

But this was way too simple. I want impact. The best simple tees in Threadless has a strong impact, check it out: Sushi, Midnight snack, Can't find me, Teealiens, Angry brick and the gorgeous Break free. There are tons of great simple and genius tee on Threadless. Well, a genius design don't came out of nothing, so I have to start practicing! Worked a little more on the initial design and try to create a heart with coffee beans, instead of just 2:

Ok, I guess. Still needs a lot of work. But I just thought: it has to have volume. So I have to create different sizes of beans, so it will seem less abstract. Well, I started then with the larger and most salient ones:

And next:

The last ones has to fill the holes of the shape:

Well, looked better. I have then spent some time on Kuler and tried to found the right colors. Can't found it, so I create my pallete. I don't want to use the real colors of coffee because they are very dark and somehow desaturate. The impact of your tee can also speaks throught it's colors, so the pallete has to be vivid. So I came out with this:

Remember the impact-thing? Well, I thought the background was too "whiteish" and try to make more impact, so I came with the yellow of the pallete:

I said that it has to have volume, right? So I have to work the lights. I want to keep it simple, so I decided to have a light and a shadow. Working the shadow first:

Hmmm, better. Now the light (or second layer of shadows):

That's right, the true light is negative space.

Ok, now some little details here and there and we're done. Don't get me wrong, the lights and shadows was a high number of trial and error. I've made this at least 5 times until it get this result.

I have downloaded a pack of tee templates and created a 1200x1200 document with a model with a gray shirt (any light color will do with this design). The result is here: Heart beat for Coffee.

Hope you like it, guys! And thanks for scoring it. 


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