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Rita Amorim

Graphic and Product Designer



Heart and Blood - Nottingham, UK | Natal, Brazil



Since I enjoyed so much making a palette about Nottingham, I decided to make it for my hometown as well - Natal. To be more specific, of a neighbourhood called Ribeira. I go there very often cause that's where the alternative night life happens.

Ribeira is the oldest part of the town and some old architecture still remains there even though the rest of the town has been invaded by huge buildings from corrupt corporations (sad but true).

I named this project Heart and Blood, because even though my heart belongs to Nottingham (at least for now), my Blood and history is from here, and I love this place :)

So check out my new colour palette for Natal - Ribeira and then for Nottingham :)




So I decided to make the colour palette for my favourite city in the whole world: Nottingham!

I'm from Brazil, but I had the opportunity to go to uni there for a year and absolutely fell in love with the city. I love how the city is not too small and not too big, how there's so much history, (with the whole robin hood legend) how beautiful the old architecture is, how nice the people are, how there's so many things to see and do... The list goes on and on.

It was a delight to make this palette, I collected so many pictures and it was so hard to decide which ones would stay in the moodboard. They all represent my favourite places and colours in Nottingham.

My final palette has the red representing the bricks, the dark green/brownish representing the country side, the bright green representing the statue of robin hood, and the yellow representing the lights in the buildings at night ( I know there isn't any picture of it in the moodboard, but that's how I see it haha)

I'm so happy I got to make something for a place a miss so much, and that it means home to me :)

Hope you enjoy my work!





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