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Heart Virtues ID Storyboard

My parents divorced when I was 2

As a toddler, I saw my manless mother was very distressed when things broke or did not work so I wanted to know how things worked, so I could fix everything for her.

When I was 9 I could fix electrical outlets, cars, gardens, and almost any appliance.

But people were still unhappy... so I wanted to know how life works.

I went to engineering school to see how things worked, studying quantum physics was amazing!

When I left school I was disappointed by the beurocracy of business, so I started my own.

But was still disappointed with my own business because it still seemed like a fish swimming in an ocean of competition, profiteering and managing results instead of caring about people and relationships.

So I sought a more wholesome environment - and gave everything away and became a monk.

While I was there I meditated on life a LOT and was looking for a reliable formula for living a happy, fulfilling life.

So I studied the lives of Heroes (you know, like Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Mother Teresa) because they seemed to be model humans for humanity.

I discovered that all Heroes master 3 skills: 1 - Know Yourself, 2 - Speak Your Truth, 3 - Give your Gift (Leave a Legacy)

Many years of research and experiementation lead to the discover of Heart Virtues (a process for mastering #1).

Then I discovered that the words that come out of our mouths literally create the world we live in through phone calls, meetings and documents #2.

So I taught people through private counselling, classes, workshops and online tools how to master these skills.

What I'm most excited about is that the new Share Economy is the solution to mastering #3 - eliminating the struggles I've always had with selfish business practices.

Now, I just want to introduce people to any and/or all of these 3 discoveries:

1 - Heart Virtues for people who want Clarity and Confidence in themselves

2 - Speaking Powerfully and Beautifully about our heart's longing to help others.

3 - Share Economy for people who want to experience caring communities as a way of life.


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