Kate Smith

Color is sensational!



Heart Strings


This was a fun project, and I learned a valuable lesson in the process -- Caran d'Ache crayons are water soluble. Now that I know that I am more likely to use the small set that I have but never used before today. Of course, that meant that the white lines I drew almost completely disappeared when I applied the paint. Luckily I had a white gel pen so when the paint was dry I went over the lines so they would be more visible.


I like the spontaneous feel of the marks and the balance of light and dark achieved by using the crayon to make the design on one side and painting the design on the other.

If I make another heart string, I'll find a prettier thread to sew them together but this was the only heavyweight thread I had handy. A pretty thread would make this nicer to look at when pulled out of the envelope but I'm okay with it for now. Once hanging this thread isn't very noticeable and works just fine.

Thanks for another fun project, Lucie.


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