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Liz Garcia

Founder, Heart Stopper Clothing



Heart Stopper Clothing

Hello Everyone! 

This is my first class and my first project. I have saved pretty much all of Jeff Staple's classes and supper excited to be taking the courses finally. I've always wanted to start a clothing line and I've always wanted to inspire others to be there best. In particular young women. 


With those two ideas of establishing my own brand and inspiring other young women to be their best, I set on working on a logo. The main logo has the silhoutte of a girl in gold. She is the gold standard, the Heart Stopper logo girl has reached her best. The lines on a logo represent plane wings. They are diagonal representing turning or changing. To get to our best we must always be changing, or adjusting to the winds of time through out our life's journey.

The Heart Stopper girl will stop your heart with both her beauty and kindness. She turns heads and hearts and she will take you to new heights. When you are around a Heart Stopper girl she will inspire you to be the best you can be.  




I got my Seller's Permit so that I can purchase T-Shirts Wholesale. This helps drive down my cost. I also found a screen printer that does small runs. This helps because I can produce a dozen shirts at a time as needed vesus large amounts of units. 


Still trying to figure out packaging. I want my customers to feel like they are special and opening a gift when they receive their order. I still have not figured out the pricing just quite to include packaging and shipping. 


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