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HealthyOut PR Plan

Communications Plan

Overview: HealthyOut is a new mobile app that helps our users find healthy dishes at nearby restaurants, personalized to their diet preferences.

We soft launched our beta 3 weeks ago with no PR.  We'll be releasing the next version in a few weeks as our 'official launch' and want to generate PR. 

Goal: Generate PR related to:
a) Our upcoming launch of the next version of our app in ~3 weeks
b) Great app for trying to stay healthy during the holiday season and when we travel
c) In December/January, great app for helping us stick to our new years resolutions to lose weight and be healthy

1) Lifestyle / Female publications & blogs
2) Health & Fitness publications & blogs
3) Online tech publications & blogs


Press Release

Eat Healthy This Holiday Season, Wherever you Dine Out
HealthyOut iPhone App Offers Guide to Finding Healthy Dishes;
Named Among Top New Apps on iTunes 

San Francisco, CA  (November 14, 2012) – Wendy Nguyen, knows the one thing she won’t leave home without this holiday season. The founder and CEO of HealthyOut will be sticking to her Low Carb diet via her company’s new free iPhone app that helps diners find healthy, local restaurant dishes customized to their diet preferences.

Staying Healthy for the Holidays

“For many Americans, the holidays are a challenging time to maintain a healthy diet,” said Nguyen. “Holiday feasts and second helpings can undermine our best-intentioned goals. Plus, when we’re on the road traveling, it’s harder to know where to go for healthy options and we often find ourselves eating fast food just because it’s easy.”

HealthyOut’s free iPhone app seeks to solve these challenges by leading diners on a culinary journey to find healthy options, dish by dish. The app helps diners quickly search for local restaurant meals by calories and Weight Watchers points, by popular diets like Paleo and Low Fat, or by dietary restrictions like Gluten Free and Low Sodium.

Finding The Perfect, Convenient Dish

This unique app focuses on dish recommendations – not just restaurants – to help healthy diners find exactly what they’re craving. After selecting nutrition criteria, HealthyOut also allows diners to set any cuisine, ingredient, and dish type preferences they’re in the mood for. For example, a diner might search for Mexican, under 500 calories, and delivery, or search for Italian, Gluten Free, Fish and ‘Not a Salad.’ The app returns a personalized menu of dishes from multiple restaurants in the local area matched to the custom requests. Often, diners say that they are thrilled to learn of hidden menu gems or discover new restaurants in their area.

Many people can control what they eat at home, but are overwhelmed by restaurant menus or feel guilty after eating out. It can be especially challenging to find food options when following a specific diet. With two-thirds of American adults struggling with weight issues, developing solutions to help people eat healthier has never been more important.

“The key is fitting healthy choices into our busy schedules,” said Nguyen. “Americans on average are spending 50% of their food dollars outside of the home. We are not asking people to change their lifestyles; rather we are helping people find healthy food that they love to eat, in a convenient way.”

HealthyOut Removes the Homework

With the input of hundreds of nutritionists, dieters and healthy eaters, the HealthyOut team embarked on building a product that makes healthy eating easy and fun instead of a chore. Many nutrition-based apps focus on tracking every calorie consumed, which can feel a lot like doing homework after eating. With HealthyOut, users can quickly find dishes that match their diet, get insight into the food they are eating before stepping into a restaurant and easily look up nutrition information before ordering.

As eating out is a social experience, one of the company’s priorities is to create a sense of community to support users trying to make healthier choices. After Thanksgiving, HealthyOut will release its next version, which allows users to save dishes, capture and share photos and submit healthy dish recommendations. Soon users will be able to follow friends and experts, such as nutritionists, within the app to share advice and encourage each other to eat healthfully.

About HealthyOut:  HealthyOut was founded in San Francisco in June of 2012 with the mission to change the way Americans eat. The HealthyOut team is passionate about creating socially driven, beautiful, mobile products that make healthy eating, fun, simple and addictive. Currently HealthyOut has information about healthy choices at the dish level for chain restaurants nationally, as well as local non-chain restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area, with plans to expand nationally for non-chain dishes soon. Available as a top new app in the food and drink section of the Apple App store, HealthyOut can be downloaded on the iPhone by visiting: http://bit.ly/HealthyOut. More on HealthyOut can be found on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/HealthyOut or through Twitter at https://twitter.com/HealthyOut.


Draft Email


I really enjoyed your recent piece about __, and wanted to reach with a related story I think your readers will find really helpful, especially during the holiday season.

At HealthyOut, we are launching a new (free!) iPhone app that helps our users find healthy local restaurant that they can customize to their own diet.  It's like Yelp (but at the dish level) for dining out!  

With the app, you can quickly search for restaurant meals by calories and Weight Watchers points, by popular diets like Paleo and Low Carb, or by dietary restrictions like Gluten Free and Low Sodium.  It's the first of its kind to provide dish-level recommendations, and you can also customize the results to your personal taste preferences.

If you're interested, I can send you some additional information and would love to set up a short phone call.


Dan Myers
[email protected]
(415) 694-8676
Download HealthyOut! http://bit.ly/HealthyOut

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HealthyOut
Twitter: @healthyout 


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