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9 is a website devoted to finding the balance between three sometimes-complimentary, sometimes-competing goals in life. A collaboration between a mom with young kids (aka: frugal), a professor of sustainability (aka:green), and a licensed family counselor with salt/dietary concerns (aka: healthy), the website is focused on the intersection of these areas in our lives. 

I am hoping to create a logo for this site that uses type to convey the three competing areas. The foundational concept of the site is a ven diagram (three intersecting circles), each of which represents one of the three different content focuses of the site, so I'm hoping to also include that image in the logo somehow. 

Here are my thoughts as far as typefaces:

Healthy – Handwritten, implication body, natural. Color: Brown? Red?

Frugal – Sarif font face, implication money, more stringent. Color: Blue?

Green – Sans sarif, green. Color: Duh...Green!

In addition, I need to design three complementary icons that will appear at the beginning of each post in order to give a quick visual indication of which areas each post addresses. My thought at this time is to use the capital first letter of each (H, F, G) in the chosen typeface, in the circle color of the ven diagram. 

I'm attaching a mood board of the type of logo I'm thinking of, with the mixed typefaces.

Here is my first attempt. Thoughts?


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