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Healthy homemade Nutella! WATCH IT NOW!

We all love Nutella. Unfortunately not many people know how bad it is for us. 

In this project I'm going to present:

  1. Reasons why Nutella is unhealthy for you and why we should avoid it.
  2. Alternative recipe for a homemade nutella. It's healthy and extremely easy to do.
  • show things and ingredients you'll need
  • show the whole process of making it.

This is just a draft but I think this might be an interesting and educative class.

Here's the outline: outline

Unfortunately English is not my first language and even though I use it on a daily basis, my accent is not perfect. I might sound a bit awkward because of that. I hope you understand and will still enjoy the class.

My class is ready and you can watch it here:


Enroll and enjoy!


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