Healthy, happy, strong and energized!

EDIT - 25th January 2013 - EDIT

PGB has finally started again! I'm in a new group of people this time, with a lot of newcomers which is really fun. I think I still have strength and endurance pretty much the same as before the winter break, but I'm awful when it comes to cardio! XD I always have been, I guess, but I feel it even more now. The boxing is incredibly fun though, and I notice that now that I'm on regular workouts again I don't have as bad sugar cravings anymore.

When it comes to food I've been so-so I guess. I haven't had any junk food, sweets or snacks or anything, but since I've been sort of stressed out at school I've been taking a few shortcuts when it comes to food. Instead of eating a proper meal I've had sandwiches or just coffee for lunch or dinner.

I really liked the videos posted for us to watch in this class, especially about nutrition. I think eating carbs on workout days and low-carb on rest days sounds good for me, so I'll try it.

So far I haven't made any changes to increase my workout yet. I think I need getting used to regular workout again, since it's been kinda irregular since winter break, and take it slow but steady (first PGB workout this year almost had me passing out! XD)

However, I've done one thing that I've never done before, and that is taking full-body shots of myself, to compare with as I get more fit. I feel a bit embarrassed, but I think I'll be glad to have documented the journey I'll be on right from the start.

I'll update with shots like this once every month.

EDIT - 25th January 2013 - EDIT

Last summer I weighed more than I have ever done before and I realized I really needed to turn things around, for serious this time. I started out by changing my diet to LCHF, started taking regular walks, then moved on to join a gym and start working out with Pink Gloves Boxing two times a week.

In december I started trying out other forms of excercise as well, like Yoga and Zumba, but since X-mas and New Years I've been a bit lazy again and I feel kind of out of it again.

Since last summer I've reached about halfway towards my weight goal. This year I want to reach it by losing the additional 11 kgs (~24lbs) of fat. I had a BIA scan at my gym so I know that that's how much I should lose to reach a healthy level, though I'll only use the numbers as a guideline, and not something I'll follow blindly. Feeling good will always be my top priority, and looking good (or well, smaller) is just an added bonus.

I'm not sure if I want to keep eating LCHF. I had no problems physically with eating it, but the sharp criticism along with the restricted intake of a lot of vegetables and fruit, makes me feel that in the long run it gives me more stress to eat this way, that might in itself be unhealthy for me.

So, for now my goals are the following:

January - March

* In addition to weighing and measuring, I'll also start taking full body pictures of myself every month to compare my progression with.

* Continue like before with Pink Gloves Boxing 2 times/week

* Gradually increase workout to 4 times/week (adding either yoga or some aerobic workout)

* Get back on track with my diet by getting rid of the junk food and unhealthy snacks.

* Start considering what type of diet will work for me in the long run, not only what I like to eat, but if it fits in with my lifestyle so that I have time to prepare food everyday, preventing me from falling into junkfood traps during lunch on a hectic work day.

April - June

* Add some weight lifting to my workout, maybe 1-2 times/week

* Try to take morning walks/jogs again, about 3km every day, and also practicing jumping ropes again.

* Get another BIA scan and see how I'm doing with my muscle/water/fat ratio.

* By now I hope I've found a good diet for me, that I manage to adhere to, even when going out or getting invited by others. I hope that I will not have as hard a time to withstand temptations by now.

Of course the journey doesn't stop at June, but I'll only plan this much now. As time progress I can adjust my plan.


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