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Healthy and Wealthy


There are 7.2 Billion people on this planet. The majority of whom are constantly wishing for two things: Health and Wealth. Sometimes, people will go their entire life not finding an opportunity to truly live either of those lifestyles. Now, what do I mean by truly? Let me explain. 

1. Health

In today's world, the majority of the population is nutritionally starved. Our food often contains GMO's and other artificial fillers that do not give our bodies the proper vitamins and minerals we need to have a true healthy lifestyle.

2. Wealth

Everyone has dreams. Some people even achieve their dreams. However, the unfortunate reality is that most people do not.  It’s often hard to achieve your biggest dreams without money.  But, money doesn’t only determine one’s wealth. Wealth can often be described as having a plentiful supply of a particular and desirable thing.  This can be money, time, freedom, etc… However, most people grow up with the mindset of getting a good education, to get a degree, and then work for 40 years of their life. The current average age of retirement is 72 and the average age of death is 75 (Males). For me, that sort of lifestyle does not sound very appealing, even if I was making $300,000 a year. I might be rich, but certainly not wealthy.  I would still not have the time to achieve my dreams of traveling the world and spending valuable years with my family. 

The Company:

Vemma is a health and wellness company located in Scottsdale, AZ.  The company name is an acronym which stands for Vitamins Essential Minerals Mangosteen and Aloe Vera. Product lines include the Vemma juice, Vemma Next (kid’s vitamin drink), Verve (first healthy energy drink) and Bode (weight loss/protein).  All the products contain the special Vemma multi-vitamin/liquid antioxidant formula which works to give your body a healthy heart, improve eyesight, skin, nails and hair, basically helping to promote an overall healthier living.  Not only does Vemma provide great, life changing health products, but they offer the opportunity to become an affiliate partner with them. By becoming an affiliate, you have the chance to make as much money (residual income) as you want. It’s all performance based. Also, you would be running your own “home-based” business, meaning tax-advantages and so on. As of December 14, 2013, the company is predicted to go from about $220 Million annual sales in 2013 to $1 Billion annual sales by 2016. Everyone reading this has a chance to be a part of this soon to be legendary company. This is certainly a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY. Think about that.


Instagram Strategy:

Working with Vemma means you are basically your own boss, employee, etc… I use my personal IG handle for posting various "jabs" on a daily basis.  I typically post quotes and other pictures with content that deals with motivation, inspiration, dreams, goals, hard work, etc.. None of which applies to anything Vemma. It tends to get people thinking about their lives as well as what I am doing in my life – they want to know why I’m always so motivational, not being average and am success driven.  Every now and then, I will post a Right Hook; something that has to do more specifically with Vemma – Like a can of Verve, the company’s numbers, pictures of events, etc.. My bio links out to my website with information on the company products as well as the business opportunity/story (1 video). Of course, all my images i post will have relavent hastags such as #dream #average #begreat. Also, I tend to browse around the Instagram world looking at my “target market”. This has anything to do with health, wealth, energy drinks, jobs, success, vitamins…you get the picture.


The thing I like best about Instagram, as well as other platforms like Facebook and Twitter is that by posting pictures with motivational quotes, people tend to be interested in what it is you are doing. This is why I make it a goal to post anywhere from 1-3 motivation pieces to my IG, but no more than that. After about 5-7 days of doing that, I will throw out a Right Hook having to do more with the company like I mentioned above.  Other platforms like Pinterest and Tumblr I am still currently working on, but will definitely use similar strategies as I do Instagram (but of course by doing so using the proper Gary V. methods).


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